Escape rooms in Budapest

There are many escape rooms in Budapest with different themes.

  1. Some places were oriented towards scary stages. There have also been specifically horror stages where you get scared by people in horror costumes.
  2. Others focused on children and built for example pirate-themed locations.

The process of the game is usually the same, regardless of location and theme.

The game operator inform the team about the rules and occasionally provides aids available to them. And then he lets them into the game stage, – apparently only figuratively, but – “closes” the door behind them and starts the clock.

In most places, they also get some kind of help underway, depending on the difficulty level of the stage. Help can even come from a walkie-talkie, possibly from a monitor or speaker. And of course, the harder the level the team chose, the less help they receive.

One hour is the usual “playing time”. This means that in this amount of time you have to solve all the tasks and get out from the escaping room or the room system.

You can also choose a difficulty level in the three games in the Escape Zone.

More experienced teams, who in many cases have already tested their skills abroad, often opt for the most difficult level. But the fact that someone has already played in many similar places does not guarantee getting out.

A good live escape game involves tasks that require teamwork. So a team can be successful if the members try to solve the tasks together, in consultation, in constant communication with each other, and not in a scattered, independent, selfish way, focusing on their own success.

The easier levels were designed more for kids so they also can enjoy any room system. Frightful items occur in the rooms, but intimidation is not the goal. It’s not even really dark in the rooms, so a player can not fall, so accident-free game was also a consideration when creating the tasks. In fact, any stage can be enjoyable for all ages.

The live escape game provides a completely different kind of experience for gamers. During they are solving the tasks they get into a so-called “flow,” and then they just focus on what they’re doing. This will be a real relaxation of the escaping and that is why so many people come back to play more and more games.

Escape rooms in Budapest
Escape rooms in Budapest