The best Hungarian game


Awesome way to build your team!
Awesome way to build your team!

I’m considered an experienced gamer, but I’m still worth surprises in the escape rooms.

I tested quite a few escape rooms during my trips abroad, and of course at home, in Budapest as well.

In my opinion, Hungarian games are more imaginative, more complex, and thus provide a much more serious gaming experience. The games in Budapest are obviously more authentic, as we are talking about a Hungarian invention.

I’m not saying I’ve been on every stage of every single escape game. On the other hand, yes, I visit these places regularly, pretty much since the first live escape game opened the door in the capital.

I’ve been playing in several rooms that have been unfortunately closed since then.

This may be due to the fact that at the beginning this type of entertainment was not so popular as everyone who built a stage at this time could stay alive in the market.

Rents downtown can be extremly high that many couldn’t even produce it. As a result, the weak ones were closed one after the other.

But the remaining places, including me, on the other hand, made the audience happy with new stages from time to time.

And the real surprises, in addition to the sometimes hair-raising creative tasks, are often caused by people’s often unexpected reactions.I would much earlier choose to go to play an escape game, instead of a cinema or a bowling, especially if the company is good.

It’s also great to play with a familiar team, but it also has a charm when I arrive with a new company. It’s very easy to get to know people during this kind of game. Because they show a face that I would otherwise only be able to see at a much later time, in a more intimate situation.

That’s why I especially like to bring new colleagues with me. On the one hand, the team is becoming a stronger team. On the other hand, I’ll have a lot of info right away about what kind of people I’m surrounded by.

For a similar reason, I occasionally choose escape game as a dating program. You can immediately see if you two can work together or not. Whether the lady is a team player or not. How you react in a “stressful situation” is whether you enjoy the game at all.

So it’s not simply a good thing to have fun with buddies … it’s not simply a form of entertainment, it’s an unusual but effective tool for getting to know people faster.In addition, it is a serious brain exercise and a busy presence that requires a conscious presence. I can only recommend it.