Game for adults

Of course, 18+ topics can come to any one mind when reading the title. However, this article is not about erotic content. The game for adults in this case covers a real game in the traditional sense of the word.

The only difference is that we don’t want to present a Monopoly type board game. The super Hungarian invention, the live escape game, has now gained so much space around the world that it has outgrown Hungary.

Initially, there were only a few places in the hidden streets of downtown Budapest where we could indulge in this revolutionary new game. Soon more and more games were opened in the city, then in the suburbs, and outside Budapest. After that, the construction of escape rooms started abroad and its popularity grew.

Nowadays, almost everyone knows what escape game means.

  • Finally, a game that kids and adults alike enjoy.

  • You don’t have to sit in one place.

  • It really is a social game, as it is the essence of team work.

  • It really shuts you off, so it relaxes as you are forced to get out or focus on solving tasks.

The game is always based on a frame story.

For example Escape Zone‘s new game’s story – The Labyrinth” is about an evil scientist in his laboratory is experimenting with developing zombie genes to build an entire army of zombies.
Based on this, the task already gives itself up: get into the lab, solve lots and lots of tasks to prevent the development of zombie research, and get out before the scientist returns.

The story can be anything. Actually, the story depends on whether children or adults are expected primarily to play. A zombie room is obviously more of an adult game.

Teams usually have 1 hour to escape. Your place will sort you out, but most of the time there are help that can be used if needed. The game is over after 1 hour, regardless of whether you managed to get out or not.

It is an ideal form of entertainment for adults as a bachelorette party, for girls it can be a great gift for a birthday, for example. But even as a smooth, casual program, a deliverance is great for a day out.

Anyone who clings to erotic content when it comes to adult games should take a look at some of the escape games. Because they built a lot of tracks. There’s even an erotic game, though the builders didn’t take it bloodily seriously, which we don’t think is a problem.