Exciting game in Budapest

Be our guest at Escape Zone!
Be our guest at Escape Zone!

The night in Budapest has countless opportunities for those who want to relax.

Pubs, restaurants, nightclubs, theaters and cinemas await their guests.

In the summer, the city is full of outdoor events, like festivals or gastronomic events. We have the chance to  choose the activity we are just in the mood for.

Why not to choose an exciting game?

About ten years ago, a new form of entertainment began to spread in Hungary, then a little later in the surrounding countries, and after then in the very far countries as well.

The originally Hungarian invention, the live escape game, has gained so much popularity nowadays that we hardly find anyone who has never heard about it.

It is an excellent team building activity.

It is a team game, so it’s also a very popular team building method.

Therefore many times employees of companies are coming to play, because they would like to learn how to be a real team – during the game. So from their next working day they can operate much better at the office as well.

It can even be a dating program.

Some escape games can even be played as a couple, depending on the design of the stages and the complexity of the tasks. But they are primarily planning courses for larger companies of 5-10 people.

The key to marketability is continuous development and renewal.

Escape Zone has been on the market since 2013 and has performed successfully over the years. It has led countless teams along the escape rooms, assisted in bachelorette and bachelor parties, and has been a part of birthday parties.

Today, none of the initial stages are available, thanks to continuous innovations and developments. Every year, the designers create new tracks to invite Hungarian and foreign guests to play.

Escape Zone’s current rooms, Labyrinth 2, Back to the Present, and Star Wars, have resulted in a continuous full house for the escape game paradise operating in the basement in Dessewffy Street.

There are a lot of returning guests: a common incident is that whoever plays on one level comes back to try out the other two levels as well. After that, when he hear that there is a new room opened, he will come to play again.

Or may be he gives an escaping experience to a friend or family member as a gift – in the form of a gift voucher – but in many cases the company manager gives it to employees.

The love of the game inspired all the Escape Zone stages, perhaps that’s also why the place was able to stay in the market and keep evolving. Innovations are planned for the future, and we want to continue to embody creativity that never runs out in cunning tasks.