The Captive Stage Information

A stage for 2-6 persons where you have to liberate the captive of a serial killer to escape.

Serial killers tend to take hostages that are kept separated from the world, usually in a dark basement. If you’re good enough, you can be the saviours of this captive…
You’ll need to use your brain, skill and some teamwork as well if you want to finish in time. While the atmosphere is a little creepy, you don’t have to be afraid of being startled, but more about the stress of the ever time you have left… Will the 60 minutes be enough for you?

suitable for 2-6 persons (mainly because of the small space, but you can play with 7 at your own risk)

from 14 years old and up (the atmosphere of the stage is a little bloody with a few horror elements, however there is nothing that will scare you. If accompanied by an adult, even younger children are able to play)

60 minutes game time (apart from that, instructions take around 15 minutes, so be sure to count 80-90 minutes of being at our venue)

Choosable difficulty setting (you can choose before the game if you want an easy or hard game. This affects also how much help you’ll get)

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