Escape game for Birthday

However, it is not very difficult to find entertainment in Budapest. Escape game for a birthday can be a great present.

The Coronavirus has unfortunately killed a number of smaller businesses. But even so, we have a wealth of possibilities if we look around a bit.

What type of recreation should we plan for a birthday?

Of course, we recommend the escape game, as we have a lot of experience in this field. We see that setting the mood is one of the best activities of playing together. Those who may not know each other will get to know each other quickly, and for the rest of the evening, time will pass in a relaxed atmosphere.

Escape Zone

Escape rooms in Budapest.
Escape rooms in Budapest.

also makes it easier to organize your birthday program with its frequented location. Nearby are shops, entertainment venues, restaurants, bars. Conveniently accessible locations where you can even continue the evening. Or, if the birthday brigade arrives with such a large number of people that they can only play the game divided into several teams, those waiting can sit nearby to drink something in the meantime.

It is also a good present to give a game for a birthday because you can come with the celebrated family, friends, or even in pairs, with your love. Of course, you can’t play any of the games with only 2 persons. This depends on the characteristics of the track, primarily the amount and nature of the tasks.

But the point is, you can play the game you get as a present with whoever you want. This makes the present personalized.

With us, a birthday cake greeting can also be arranged. We can provide space if needed, quite a few can sit down. The necessary equipment for the service must be provided by the guests, as we are not equipped to receive guests on this level. Even a small presentation can be held with us if someone is taking a photo compilation, for example.

The game is fun for young and old alike, so don’t forget to consider it when thinking of a birthday surprise.

We also welcome our players in the morning, afternoon and evening. We are also partners in hiding special small presents. Thus, the celebrant will find them during the task solutions. These little surprises enhance the gaming experience on the one hand, and make the program even more personal on the other.

We look forward to seeing you!