What about the good team building games?

For example like in Escape Zone. We are an escape game. This kind of entertainment had found by hungarians a few years ago. The point is moving the elements of a computer game into the reality. The escape games are ideal places to team buildings. The point of this service is we are locking you and your colleagues to the basement. There is only one way to escaping, but to find it you have to work in team and you need all of your skills and logic. Nobody can’t be a lonely hero, because the team going to be fail the mission ( it means they wont get out but we let the team out of the room ), so you have to work in TEAM. And what is the point of the team building games? Of course, the teamwork.

labirintus_berci másolata


Escape games in english and in hungarian

You can play the game in english or in hungarian.

At least at the Escape Zone. We are waiting our countryman, or those foreigners, tourists, who are ready to try this new hungarian specialty, the escape game. The english version of the game is the same as the hungarian version. The difference is the instructions and the letters on the stages are in english.

Escape Zone is located in Budapest, in the capital of Hungary, it’s easy to reach thanks to the frequented location. Escape games are really popular with the young foreigners. Budapest is the escape game capital, the world’s best equipped place of this service.