Live escape game for Children’s Day

Of course, games are not just for kids. A live escape game for Children’s Day is therefore also a very good present, as adult attendants can also enjoy it.

The Hungarian invention was also a great success in many foreign countries. It is no longer only in the surrounding countries that we can find escaping rooms. Games have already been opened in Greece, for example.

The deservedly popular type of game brings people together. It basically belongs to the set of board games. And what is needed to solve different tasks and puzzles?

– joining the flow,
– thinking together,
– team spirit.

That makes it such a good team building method.

Such a game can also be an excellent program for groups of friends, families and dates. It usually lasts for 1 hour, so you don’t get too tired, yet it’s enough time for players to re-emerge so they can immerse themselves in the game.

Among the slopes of the Escape Zone, children are sure to find something to their liking. You can choose from 3 stages with different difficulty levels. There is a more awesome atmosphere in the rooms, but there is no such thing. So in fact, any room can be suitable for children as well.

Be a smart parent and surprise your kids with a live escape game!
Be a smart parent and surprise your kids with a live escape game!

Solving tasks requires a lot of thinking and logic, but not physical strength. This is something to keep in mind during the game so that the course is not damaged.

As a children’s day program, a live escape game is the perfect choice. The child can invite their best friends, classmates. In the case of minors, parental accompaniment during the game is also essential.

For kids, getting out of games might be even more enjoyable. More and more children are watching the game of playing together physically. Unfortunately, today’s kids are growing up in the world of computer games. So most of us missed out on real community games.

This is a compelling reason, for example, when choosing a children’s day present. In this case children have no choice but to move out of their room and not just meet their friends virtually. Even though they are computer addicts, they are probably easy to get into this type of program as it is quite trendy.

For example, the escape game can be a milestone in reducing the social isolation of the young generation.

Therefore, as a parent, you should also choose to get out of play on children’s day! We look forward to seeing you in the Escape Zone.

Escape game for Birthday

However, it is not very difficult to find entertainment in Budapest. Escape game for a birthday can be a great present.

The Coronavirus has unfortunately killed a number of smaller businesses. But even so, we have a wealth of possibilities if we look around a bit.

What type of recreation should we plan for a birthday?

Of course, we recommend the escape game, as we have a lot of experience in this field. We see that setting the mood is one of the best activities of playing together. Those who may not know each other will get to know each other quickly, and for the rest of the evening, time will pass in a relaxed atmosphere.

Escape Zone

Escape rooms in Budapest.
Escape rooms in Budapest.

also makes it easier to organize your birthday program with its frequented location. Nearby are shops, entertainment venues, restaurants, bars. Conveniently accessible locations where you can even continue the evening. Or, if the birthday brigade arrives with such a large number of people that they can only play the game divided into several teams, those waiting can sit nearby to drink something in the meantime.

It is also a good present to give a game for a birthday because you can come with the celebrated family, friends, or even in pairs, with your love. Of course, you can’t play any of the games with only 2 persons. This depends on the characteristics of the track, primarily the amount and nature of the tasks.

But the point is, you can play the game you get as a present with whoever you want. This makes the present personalized.

With us, a birthday cake greeting can also be arranged. We can provide space if needed, quite a few can sit down. The necessary equipment for the service must be provided by the guests, as we are not equipped to receive guests on this level. Even a small presentation can be held with us if someone is taking a photo compilation, for example.

The game is fun for young and old alike, so don’t forget to consider it when thinking of a birthday surprise.

We also welcome our players in the morning, afternoon and evening. We are also partners in hiding special small presents. Thus, the celebrant will find them during the task solutions. These little surprises enhance the gaming experience on the one hand, and make the program even more personal on the other.

We look forward to seeing you!

Game for adults

Of course, 18+ topics can come to any one mind when reading the title. However, this article is not about erotic content. The game for adults in this case covers a real game in the traditional sense of the word.

The only difference is that we don’t want to present a Monopoly type board game. The super Hungarian invention, the live escape game, has now gained so much space around the world that it has outgrown Hungary.

Initially, there were only a few places in the hidden streets of downtown Budapest where we could indulge in this revolutionary new game. Soon more and more games were opened in the city, then in the suburbs, and outside Budapest. After that, the construction of escape rooms started abroad and its popularity grew.

Nowadays, almost everyone knows what escape game means.

  • Finally, a game that kids and adults alike enjoy.

  • You don’t have to sit in one place.

  • It really is a social game, as it is the essence of team work.

  • It really shuts you off, so it relaxes as you are forced to get out or focus on solving tasks.

The game is always based on a frame story.

For example Escape Zone‘s new game’s story – The Labyrinth” is about an evil scientist in his laboratory is experimenting with developing zombie genes to build an entire army of zombies.
Based on this, the task already gives itself up: get into the lab, solve lots and lots of tasks to prevent the development of zombie research, and get out before the scientist returns.

The story can be anything. Actually, the story depends on whether children or adults are expected primarily to play. A zombie room is obviously more of an adult game.

Teams usually have 1 hour to escape. Your place will sort you out, but most of the time there are help that can be used if needed. The game is over after 1 hour, regardless of whether you managed to get out or not.

It is an ideal form of entertainment for adults as a bachelorette party, for girls it can be a great gift for a birthday, for example. But even as a smooth, casual program, a deliverance is great for a day out.

Anyone who clings to erotic content when it comes to adult games should take a look at some of the escape games. Because they built a lot of tracks. There’s even an erotic game, though the builders didn’t take it bloodily seriously, which we don’t think is a problem.

Escape rooms in Budapest

There are many escape rooms in Budapest with different themes.

  1. Some places were oriented towards scary stages. There have also been specifically horror stages where you get scared by people in horror costumes.
  2. Others focused on children and built for example pirate-themed locations.

The process of the game is usually the same, regardless of location and theme.

The game operator inform the team about the rules and occasionally provides aids available to them. And then he lets them into the game stage, – apparently only figuratively, but – “closes” the door behind them and starts the clock.

In most places, they also get some kind of help underway, depending on the difficulty level of the stage. Help can even come from a walkie-talkie, possibly from a monitor or speaker. And of course, the harder the level the team chose, the less help they receive.

One hour is the usual “playing time”. This means that in this amount of time you have to solve all the tasks and get out from the escaping room or the room system.

You can also choose a difficulty level in the three games in the Escape Zone.

More experienced teams, who in many cases have already tested their skills abroad, often opt for the most difficult level. But the fact that someone has already played in many similar places does not guarantee getting out.

A good live escape game involves tasks that require teamwork. So a team can be successful if the members try to solve the tasks together, in consultation, in constant communication with each other, and not in a scattered, independent, selfish way, focusing on their own success.

The easier levels were designed more for kids so they also can enjoy any room system. Frightful items occur in the rooms, but intimidation is not the goal. It’s not even really dark in the rooms, so a player can not fall, so accident-free game was also a consideration when creating the tasks. In fact, any stage can be enjoyable for all ages.

The live escape game provides a completely different kind of experience for gamers. During they are solving the tasks they get into a so-called “flow,” and then they just focus on what they’re doing. This will be a real relaxation of the escaping and that is why so many people come back to play more and more games.

Escape rooms in Budapest
Escape rooms in Budapest


The best Hungarian game


Awesome way to build your team!
Awesome way to build your team!

I’m considered an experienced gamer, but I’m still worth surprises in the escape rooms.

I tested quite a few escape rooms during my trips abroad, and of course at home, in Budapest as well.

In my opinion, Hungarian games are more imaginative, more complex, and thus provide a much more serious gaming experience. The games in Budapest are obviously more authentic, as we are talking about a Hungarian invention.

I’m not saying I’ve been on every stage of every single escape game. On the other hand, yes, I visit these places regularly, pretty much since the first live escape game opened the door in the capital.

I’ve been playing in several rooms that have been unfortunately closed since then.

This may be due to the fact that at the beginning this type of entertainment was not so popular as everyone who built a stage at this time could stay alive in the market.

Rents downtown can be extremly high that many couldn’t even produce it. As a result, the weak ones were closed one after the other.

But the remaining places, including me, on the other hand, made the audience happy with new stages from time to time.

And the real surprises, in addition to the sometimes hair-raising creative tasks, are often caused by people’s often unexpected reactions.I would much earlier choose to go to play an escape game, instead of a cinema or a bowling, especially if the company is good.

It’s also great to play with a familiar team, but it also has a charm when I arrive with a new company. It’s very easy to get to know people during this kind of game. Because they show a face that I would otherwise only be able to see at a much later time, in a more intimate situation.

That’s why I especially like to bring new colleagues with me. On the one hand, the team is becoming a stronger team. On the other hand, I’ll have a lot of info right away about what kind of people I’m surrounded by.

For a similar reason, I occasionally choose escape game as a dating program. You can immediately see if you two can work together or not. Whether the lady is a team player or not. How you react in a “stressful situation” is whether you enjoy the game at all.

So it’s not simply a good thing to have fun with buddies … it’s not simply a form of entertainment, it’s an unusual but effective tool for getting to know people faster.In addition, it is a serious brain exercise and a busy presence that requires a conscious presence. I can only recommend it.



Exciting game in Budapest

Be our guest at Escape Zone!
Be our guest at Escape Zone!

The night in Budapest has countless opportunities for those who want to relax.

Pubs, restaurants, nightclubs, theaters and cinemas await their guests.

In the summer, the city is full of outdoor events, like festivals or gastronomic events. We have the chance to  choose the activity we are just in the mood for.

Why not to choose an exciting game?

About ten years ago, a new form of entertainment began to spread in Hungary, then a little later in the surrounding countries, and after then in the very far countries as well.

The originally Hungarian invention, the live escape game, has gained so much popularity nowadays that we hardly find anyone who has never heard about it.

It is an excellent team building activity.

It is a team game, so it’s also a very popular team building method.

Therefore many times employees of companies are coming to play, because they would like to learn how to be a real team – during the game. So from their next working day they can operate much better at the office as well.

It can even be a dating program.

Some escape games can even be played as a couple, depending on the design of the stages and the complexity of the tasks. But they are primarily planning courses for larger companies of 5-10 people.

The key to marketability is continuous development and renewal.

Escape Zone has been on the market since 2013 and has performed successfully over the years. It has led countless teams along the escape rooms, assisted in bachelorette and bachelor parties, and has been a part of birthday parties.

Today, none of the initial stages are available, thanks to continuous innovations and developments. Every year, the designers create new tracks to invite Hungarian and foreign guests to play.

Escape Zone’s current rooms, Labyrinth 2, Back to the Present, and Star Wars, have resulted in a continuous full house for the escape game paradise operating in the basement in Dessewffy Street.

There are a lot of returning guests: a common incident is that whoever plays on one level comes back to try out the other two levels as well. After that, when he hear that there is a new room opened, he will come to play again.

Or may be he gives an escaping experience to a friend or family member as a gift – in the form of a gift voucher – but in many cases the company manager gives it to employees.

The love of the game inspired all the Escape Zone stages, perhaps that’s also why the place was able to stay in the market and keep evolving. Innovations are planned for the future, and we want to continue to embody creativity that never runs out in cunning tasks.


What about the good team building games?

For example like in Escape Zone. We are an escape game. This kind of entertainment had found by hungarians a few years ago. The point is moving the elements of a computer game into the reality. The escape games are ideal places to team buildings. The point of this service is we are locking you and your colleagues to the basement. There is only one way to escaping, but to find it you have to work in team and you need all of your skills and logic. Nobody can’t be a lonely hero, because the team going to be fail the mission ( it means they wont get out but we let the team out of the room ), so you have to work in TEAM. And what is the point of the team building games? Of course, the teamwork.

labirintus_berci másolata


Escape games in english and in hungarian

You can play the game in english or in hungarian.

At least at the Escape Zone. We are waiting our countryman, or those foreigners, tourists, who are ready to try this new hungarian specialty, the escape game. The english version of the game is the same as the hungarian version. The difference is the instructions and the letters on the stages are in english.

Escape Zone is located in Budapest, in the capital of Hungary, it’s easy to reach thanks to the frequented location. Escape games are really popular with the young foreigners. Budapest is the escape game capital, the world’s best equipped place of this service.



Escape games in english and in hungarian

You can play the game in english or in hungarian.

At least at the Escape Zone. We are waiting our countryman, or those foreigners, tourists, who are ready to try this new hungarian specialty, the escape game. The english version of the game is the same as the hungarian version. The difference is the instructions and the letters on the stages are in english.

Escape Zone is located in Budapest, in the capital of Hungary, it’s easy to reach thanks to the frequented location. Escape games are really popular with the young foreigners. Budapest is the escape game capital, the world’s best equipped place of this service.